KWSW 980 is an all-talk radio station. As the format of News and Talk has evolved over the years, it’s been found that many adults prefer the entertainment and freedom of idea exchange that talk radio provides. So in 2006, KWSW became an all-talk radio station. It’s peppered with many of the “Top 10” most listened to radio talk shows in America. But there’s also much more to KWSW 980. Weekdays, KWSW 980 is information-based talk. At the start of every hour, we air Fox Radio News. During the majority of the day, we also add in more information “at the bottom” of each hour with business news from and a local news update. Completing the trio of information is a local weather forecast. Weekends, we re-define our information and become a lifestyle-driven radio station. The activities that our adult audience participates in is targeted for the type of talk shows we broadcast. Pet ownership, gardening, travel, computer/technology information, cooking and food, home ownership and repair are the themes of our weekend lineup. These programs have been carefully selected to reflect the areas of interest that our community has. You can now view our shows, download and view our program schedule, and stay up to date with what's happening on KWSW!